Why choosing for Fog Bandit and not another brand?

The Fog Bandit and another competitive brand are both types of security fog devices used to prevent thefts and burglaries by filling the protected space with a dense fog that makes it difficult for thieves to see and navigate. However, there are some differences in the way these devices operate that may result in different fog ejection speeds.

The Fog Bandit uses a patented high-pressure system that can generate a large volume of fog in just a few seconds. The fog is made from a glycol-based liquid that is heated and forced through a nozzle at high pressure, creating a fog that can fill a room in a matter of seconds. This system is designed to deliver an instant response to an attempted break-in and to overwhelm intruders before they can carry out their intended theft.

On the other hand, others brands uses a low-pressure system that heats up a liquid solution, which produces fog that is expelled from the device. The fog ejection speed of other brands are much slower compared to the Fog Bandit due to the time required for the solution to heat up and for the smoke to fill the room.

The Fog Bandit does not require annual servicing to ensure it is functioning correctly and the glycol-based liquid. 
The device also has a self-diagnostic system that alerts users to any issues that need attention, which can help to prevent costly repairs.

The maintenance requirements of other brands can vary depending on the model and usage. They require annual servicing to ensure they are functioning correctly. The cost of this servicing can also vary depending on the service provider and require more frequent replacement of the fluid used in the device, which can increase the overall maintenance costs.


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