Fog Bandit 240 DimensionsFog Bandit Technical Information

The FOG BANDIT is the perfect solution to prevent loss of goods and assets resulting from burglaries, because “what can’t be seen can’t be stolen!”  Many major high street retailers and business owners in general can already testify to the benefits provided as a result of installing a FOG BANDIT.

  • Dimensions – W 270 mm x H 365 mm x D 255 mm
  • Bandit weight, when prepared ready for installation – 23.7 Kg
  • Total installed weight – 35 Kg
  • Average power consumption – 40 W / hour
  • Mains failure battery back up – FOG BANDIT remains fully operational for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Droplet size: 0.0004mm
  • Certified to European CE and EMC Standards
  • Choice of fog ejection nozzles available – normal nozzle (propels fog 6 metres in first 2 seconds in a 60o spread cone shape) or narrow nozzle (propels fog 10 metres in first 2 seconds in a narrow cone shape).  Refer to Technical Specification Sheet for more information.

                Bandit 240DB Specifications click Here