The company BANDIT® Nv started in 1992, with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing and marketing active security systems. 

BANDIT was a logical brand name for our products which are completely harmless to the user and environmentally friendly as well.  
BANDIT® is an ISO9001:2015 Belgian company and certified by Applica and the CertAlarm Rules and Certification System 5, 
as defined in ISO/IEC 17067.

Daems Bandit Security (PTY) Ltd South Africa was established in July 2017 to market the systems to the SA marketplaces. 
Coming from the jewelry sector, I quickly felt the need that not only shops and businesses needed better security, but also the families. 
Given my good relationship with the Belgian company BANDIT®, I started importing their products into SA.

Fog Bandit is a active weapon of defence, authorized to protect properties and assets.

The Bandit can fill the area you want to protect in less than a few seconds, reducing the visibility to less than 30 cm, 
take up to 30 minutes to evaporate and leaves no residue.


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