It is important that your company is well secured !

Fog Bandit® stops the burglars in a few seconds !

It's important to keep your business running and not worry about thieves or burglars trying to steal your goods or profits and harm your employees.

The solution is the Fog Bandit® active security fog generator that prevents criminals from locating your valuables,protects them from being stolen and at the same time protect your employees and customers.

A professional concept for businesses, the Bandit 240 DB.

The Fog Bandit® active security fog generator includes a range of different units designed and developed to secure all types of businesses. 

Most models can also be covertly mounted behind a wall, a cupboard or into the ceiling. The Bandit 240DB is already installed worldwide, making Fog Bandit® the world market leader within the active security fog industry.

Advantages of active security 

  • Stops burglary and robbery in just a few seconds.
  • Recommended by police and insurance companies
  • Fog harmless for employees and customers.
  • Fog does not leave any residue and no stains on furniture.


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